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Visa Application

Exchange students should apply for Resident or Visitor Visa in their resident country with the Admission Leffer of CGU before entering Taiwan.   

Place to submit the application: ROC Embassy or Mission in your residence country (

For more visa information, please visit


Visitor Visa: for exchange students study for one semester (less than 6 months)

  1. Please fill in the application form at
  2. Required documents:

Note: please do not enter Taiwan with visa-exempt entry. It is valid for 30-90days visit and is not extendable.  


Resident Visa: for exchange students study for two semesters (more than 6 months)

  1. Please fill in the application form at:
  2. Required documents: 
  3. Items Required for Health Certificate for Residence in Taiwan 

Note: from previous students’ experience, it is likely that some ROC embassies issue visitor visas to international students instead of resident visas.

In this case, you can enter Taiwan on a visitor visa first and then apply for resident visa after you complete the registration.