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National Health Insurance

Exchange students shall compulsorily participate in the National Health Insurance in compliance with the national health insurance law as from the 6th month after the day they obtain legal residency in Taiwan.

Please bring a copy of your ARC card to the Center for International Academic Cooperation and sign the application form.
National Health Insurance

1. Eligibility: International students studying in Taiwan with the residence permit: they shall compulsorily participate in the national health insurance in compliance with the national health insurance law as from the 6th month after the day they obtain legal residency in Taiwan.

2. Health insurance premium: The premium per person is NT$749 per month.

3. Insurance duration: The first semester starts from September until February of next year and the second semester begins from March until August of the same year. The students suspending or dropping out of studies shall go to the Overseas Students Section to proceed with the termination procedure.


1. The students who still stay in Taiwan after suspending or dropping out of studies or graduation within the validity period of their residence permit may continue their insurance at the township (county, city, district) office they reside by presenting the health insurance transfer note issued by school and the copy of their national health insurance termination (transfer-out) declaration.

2. In case of any accidental injury or disease occurring to the insured during the winter or summer vacation when they go back to their foreign resident homes, they may present the diagnosis certificate and detailed receipts to the Bureau of National Health Insurance and request for the refund of their prepaid medical costs within six month.

3. For the application for a new card due to mistake or change in student’s name, residence permit number, birth date or photo or loss of the old card, the student shall file the application at the Overseas Students Section by presenting the original and a copy of his or her residence permit together with NT$200 fee.

4. The international students who schedule to leave Taiwan for more than six months during the study period may apply to the university for insurance suspension prior to their departure. In this case, their health insurance premium can be exempted during the insurance suspension period. However, the students shall apply to their school for resuming the insurance in their entry into Taiwan.

5. according to the Enforcement Rules of the National Health Insurance Act , you may join the National Health Insurance since the 6th months after entering Taiwan without exiting Taiwan (article 8).

Here is full context of Enforcement Rules of the National Health Insurance Act

A person staying in Taiwan for six full months prescribed in Subparagraph 1 of Article 9 of the Act refers to a person who has, after entering into Taiwan, stayed in Taiwan for six consecutive months or exited Taiwan once for fewer than 30 days with the actual period of stay amounting to six months after the number of days that he or she has been away from Taiwan is deducted.”