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Accommodation Introduction

  1. International degree students (graduate students only; exchange students are excluded) are eligible for accommodation waiver (NT$7,650; NT$ 9,050 for NEED program) on campus. Winter and summer breaks are included. However, if you choose to live in Ju De Building or Ming De Building, you will need to pay the difference (see below).
Building Accommodation Fee /per semester Remarks

Yi De 

Chong De

Graduate Students Waived NEED Program Waived

1. 2 years for master’s students; 4 years for Ph.D. student

2. Payment is due in full on the registration day 


Ju De NT$ 350 Waived

Ming De:

ensuite quad room

NT$ 1,400 Waived

Ming De:

ensuite twin room

NT$ 6,550 NT$ 5,150
  1. If you don't wish to live in CGU's dormitories, the accommodation fee waiver is non-reserved, non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. 
  2. Dormitories are non-coed; room facilities include bed frame, reading desk with drawers, bookshelves, wardrobe, air conditioner and internet access. Please note a pre-paid card is needed for the air-conditioner.
  3. Mattress, other bed linen including sheets, pillows, pillow cases, blankets…etc., washing utilities and Ethernet cables are NOT provided.  
  4. International students and domestic students shall follow the same rules.
  5. Cooking, usage of cooking electronics (e.g., cooker, microwave oven, and electromagnetic oven), smoking and alcohol are NOT allowed in any dormitories.


  1. When check-into the dorm, you may print the check-in form and submit it to dorm supervisor to collect the keys.
  2. Please read: Dormitory Regulations for International Students
  3. Students admitted in Spring 2017 and before, accommodation in winter & summer breaks needs further application. Please download the Payment Instruction and pay at the Cashier Office (location). The fee is NT$350 per week.

Contact Info:

Housing Office: 2053 (Ms. Wang)