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Visa Information

For full-time degree students, you are suggested to apply for Resident Visa.

  1. Visa application should be submitted to the ROC Embassies and Missions Abroad.
  2. Do not use visa-exempt or landing visa to enter Taiwan.

Please visit Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C. for the latest information and always confirm with the ROC Embassies or Missions in your home country to see if there is any supporting document required.

  1. Required documents of Resident Visa:



Application Form

Fill out the application form online and print it out (please select: general visa applications → select resident visa & single entry).

Please read Q&A before filling out the form.

Two color passport-size photos

Two color passport-size photos with a white background taken within 6 months.

Passport and one photocopy of it

The passport must be valid for at least 6 months with blank pages left in it. One photocopy of the passport bio-page including the holder’s picture is required.

Original and one photocopy of Health Certificate

  • The health certificate should be issued within 3 months by one of the local hospitals designated by the Centers for Disease Control of Ministry of Health and Welfare of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) or by a authorized foreign hospital.  Health certificates issued by foreign hospitals must be authenticated by an R.O.C. (Taiwan) overseas mission.
  • Please visit Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control for the list of authorized hospitals overseas or contact the Embassies or Missions in your home country for the approved physician list. 
  • The health certificate may need to be notarized by the government agency in your country before submitting to Taiwanese Embassy / Representative Office for authentication.
  • Q & A 

Original and one photocopy of admission permit

For newly admitted students, please submit the original Admission Letter issued by Chang Gung University and its copy.

Original and one photocopy of highest education diploma and transcripts

  • For diplomas and transcripts (mark sheets) in languages other than Chinese or English, a Chinese-translation or English-translation is also required. 
  • The transcript should contain the records of all courses you have taken.

Original and one photocopy of proof of financial support

  • Please use a recent bank statement indicating the account balance.
  • According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, tuition waiver can be part of your financial certificates; however, the total amount must be more the NT$ 200,000. If the documents are not under your name, the sponsor must be your relative within third degree of relationship. And birth certificate or household registration will be required to prove your relationship.

Other supporting documents

*Please note “visa issuance is an act of sovereignty.  According to the “Statute Governing Issuance of R.O.C. Visas in Foreign Passport” and “Enforcement Rules for the Issuance of R.O.C. Visas to Foreign-Passport Holders,” the R.O.C. reserves the right not to issue a visa and is under no obligation to disclose the reason. Application fee for non-issuance cases is non-refundable.”

  1. Remarks:
    1. If you just graduated from other Taiwanese universities, please be sure to file to extend you current ARC with CGU’s admission letter and send a copy of it to CIAC.
    2. From our experience, some embassies or missions may issue visitor visa (with mark FS) to degree students instead of resident visas. In this case, students can enter Taiwan with it first. After the registration, you can apply for the resident visa with the above required documents in Taiwan.
    3. Personal bank statement: it is highly recommended that students get it in their home country.
    4. If the financial statement is not in the name of the applicant, a declaration with signature from the sponsor must be included, mentioning the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant and guarantee to be responsible for the applicant’s whole expenses in Taiwan.
    5. Resident Visa holders (with remark of FS) must apply for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) within 15 days after your arrival. CGU will submit the applications for all new students only (residents of Taoyuan) after the registration day, please pay attention to CIAC’s notification. Students living in other cities please submit the ARC application by yourselves.

Alien Resident Certificate: students entering Taiwan with resident visa must apply for ARC within 15 days of your arrival. Re-entry permit can also be applied at the same time. Information on ARC application will be provided later with the registration guideline.

Taiwan ID Number: students entering Taiwan with visitor visa (can’t apply for ARC directly) could apply for ID numbers for banking or cell phone service.