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Students over 20 years old are eligible to open a bank account in Taiwan.

Post office and Ta-Chong Bank are the banks that cooperate with CGU.

For instruction of saving the banking account number in CGU Information System, please download the instrucation.

Here is the information of opening a bank account:

  • Post Office, CGU campus Branch


Post Office: 700021

Location: 1st floor, Student Activity Center

Hours: 08:00 am to 17:00 pm, Monday to Friday

Required documents:

  1. Alien Resident Certificate
  2. Passport 


  • Ta-Chong Bank, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Branch


TC Bank Code(Chang Gung Branch): 8140368

Location: on the B1 of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkuo

Hours: 09:00 am to 15:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Requires documents:

  1. Record of ID number in the Republic of China or Alien Resident Certificate
  2. Passport



  1. Money exchange service is available 24 hours at both Terminal 1 and 2. Please refer to the following link for the location of banks.
  2. In case of counterfeit bill and outmoded note, here are the current notes used in Taiwan