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Group Medical Insurance for International Students
To meet the requirements of MOE and avoid all the inconvenience caused by the process of authentication, you may choose to participate in the International Students Group Medical Insurance offered by Cathay Life Insurance Co. through ChangGung University. This insurance plan will provide basic insurance coverage (illness & accident) during the first 6 months (September to the end of next February or February to July) of your stay in Taiwan. The premium is NT$500 per month/perstudent and should be paid in full for 6 months. 
(From the Admission Insruction:  According to Article 21 of “MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan”, upon registration the admitted students should provide a proof of medical and personal accidental insurance papers insured outside ROC with validity from entering ROC up to at least 6 months. If already being insured at the national health insurance of ROC, the enrolled students only need to provide a proof of the related insurance papers. The above-mentioned insurance papers issued outside ROC should be authenticated by ROC representative offices abroad.)
International students shall compulsorily participate in the National Health Insurance in compliance with the national health insurance law as from the 6 month after your residence in Taiwan. Please bring a copy of your ARC card to the Center for International Academic Cooperation and sign the application form. The premium is NTD 749 per month.
Application of Group Medical Insurance Claims 

Please fill in the application form & consent letter (contact IAC for the files) and submit them to IAC along with the following documents.

If you went to hospital or clinic because of illness or accident, you’ll have to pay for the medical treatment first.

In order to apply for the insurance claims, please submit the following documents to me after your last treatment.  


1. All the receipts for every money you pay for the hospital/clinic (make sure the hospital/clinic are sponsored by National Health Insurance like Chang Gung Memorial Hospital)

2. Chinese diagnosis certificate from the doctor, which has a stamp of the hospital on it.The certificate is not free of charge; therefore, ask for it at the last treatment.

3. Photocopies of your passbook cover (post office or banks) & ARC card

*The maximum reimbursement is NT1,000 per day.