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Ju De Building

Photos of Ju De Building: please visit Housing Section's website

Fee NT$7,350 per semester (18 weeks) 
NT$8,000 per semester (18 weeks) for student enrolled in(and after) 2016 Fall semester

Ju De Building is for undergraduate male students mainly. 

Each room is a four-people suite. 

Each room has beds (excluding mattresses), desks, desk lamps, phone, bookshelves, chairs, wardrobes, drawers and, and internet connection.

There are common room, laundry room (washing machines and dryers), pay phone and tea room on all floors. 

Newspaper, study area, copy machine, and vending machine are available on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Parking lots and convenience store are available on the basement. 

There is a stairway (total of 252 stairs) between Ming De / Ju De and teaching areas.